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"The Restoration Will" PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE NOW.


My parents, who a owned photo studio, went missing after the 2011 tsunami. Our house was destroyed. It was a place for working, but also for living. I grew up there. After the disaster, I found my father’s lens, portfolio, and our family album buried in the mud and the rubble.

One day, I tried to take a landscape photo with my father’s muddy lens. The image came out dark and blurry, like a view of the deceased. Through taking it, I felt I could connect this world with that world. I felt like I could have a conversation with my parents, though in fact that is impossible.

The family snapshots I found were washed white, the images disappearing. The portraits taken by my father were stained, discolored. These scars are similar to the damage seen in my town, similar to my memories which I am slowly losing.

I hope to retain my memory and my family history through this book. By arranging these photos, I have attempted to reproduce it.

The Restoration Will 104 pages 62 photographs Size : 285mm x 190mm x 15mm 87 editions only (all made to order)

Photographs, text, printing and book binding by Mayumi Suzuki Blue portfolio and photo archives by Atsushi Sasaki English proofreading by Mike Ward

Concept, edit and art-direction developed in the 2016 Photobook as Object workshop by Yumi Goto and Jan Rosseel in collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold The edition number of this photobook, 87, represents the number of years since the family-owned photo studio was first opened in 1930.

This book is dedicated to my father, Atsushi Sasaki and my mother, Katsuko Sasaki, who have not yet been found since March 11, 2011. I would also like to thank my sister, Hirono Sasaki and all friends and supporters from Onagawa.

Printed and bound in Japan All right reserved 2017 Mayumi Suzuki

12,000 JPY plus shipping

**Please note: the production made to order will start from March 2017 and shipping will be starting sometime mid of March onwards…

If paypal doesn’t work or you want to order two books or more, kindly write email to with your name, address, phone number, how many books and your language preference English or Japanese and email address to paypal invoice please.

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